The Firefly Lord

Chapter 2- Page 52
September 15th, 2008, 7:28 pm

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Author's Comments:

Posted by three
September 15th, 2008, 7:31 pm

Sorry this page took so long! I haven't had much free time since I started school up again!

The Firefly Lord is a pain to draw >_< was my birthday yesterday. I turned 16! I do very much love getting fanart for my birthday... *puppy eyes*

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June 18th, 2018, 2:35 am

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by cheshire
September 15th, 2008, 8:34 pm

XD It'd be a hell of a lot easier to make gift art if you had a character page with full-body head-to-toe colour references. Oh well, happy birthday. I'd like to promise you something, but if it happens it won't be soon. XD

Posted by Pokemon?
September 16th, 2008, 6:01 pm

whoa, that is an awesome creature. *A* The Firefly lord's full of win. 8D

Posted by zetina
September 18th, 2008, 12:40 am

Yay! It's finally the Fireflt lord :3
Happy bday! Don't expect anything from me... I have to work on my own comic @_@ Tho I could probably do random fanart sometime ;D

Posted by Prank
September 22nd, 2008, 12:08 am

Just read through the archives and I have to say, this is pretty good. Scratch that, it's amazing~~

I'll give a more thorough review in the forums.

And no fan art yet? Your birthday too? That must change.


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