The Firefly Lord

Below is some extra FFL-related artwork by me. Click to see larger size.


I really, really love receving fanart >_> *puppy dog eyes*
My first fanart ever, by Prank. I was pretty much going nuts when I saw this ^______^ Gah. It's so cute! Edward looks very serene. And your adorable little character in the corner made me smile.

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This one is by Cheshire. *shakes fist* Quit being so talent, you! Wow. What can I say? I just love it. Edward is such a grouch lol XD The colors look great too!

Gift Art

Artwork drawn for me by other people as a gift, prize, commission, request, trade, etc.

This was drawn for me by the lovely Ninjies as a prize for winning a contest. Gaaah I just loooove how creepy Haphul/Heifgyvver (I'm not sure which it is) looks ^______^ She has just a cool style. Who'se a pretty birdman? ^3^ Yush...

This one is by JGray over at The subject he chose for the picture is really cool- I've never really thought of drawing Edward and his mom together. It's such a sweet tender moment ;_;